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using what we know about brain-behavior science to

optimize well being, performance, and resilience

Office Location

Dr. Mosch is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist, or, a psychologist who specializes in evaluating concerns about how the brain is working. She uses this information to provide a diagnosis when necessary and a plan for how to to maximize your well-being. 

POSITIVE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY is about helping people live their best possible life... using what we know about the brain as the foundation to unlock human potential and remove barriers, optimize environments, and help people live with success and joy.    

Grandview Square Professional Building

5201 Eden Avenue Suite 300

Edina MN, 55436

Available Services
  • Sports and performance consulting

  • Neuropsychological assessment 

  • Dementia/Geriatric consulting

  • Individual/Group coaching

  • Medical-Legal consulting

  • Design Psychology

  • Education/speaking

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